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Funeral Frequently asked questions


We understand that you have a lot of questions. Hopefully, you’ll find some answers here. If you have another question, please feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to speak with you.
Where can cremated remains be stored or spread?
Ashes in an urn or another vessel may be stored at home or within your private property without any issues. They can also be stored in an urn garden or buried.

If you would prefer to scatter the ashes somewhere meaningful to your loved one, you may do so only with the permission of the person or organisation that owns the land. If it’s on your own private property, you may do it at any time. If the land is publicly owned, you must get permission from the responsible government party. Private property that is not yours requires permission from the landowner.
How can I arrange repatriation?
What goes into the cost of a funeral?
Who is supposed to make funeral arrangements?
Are there any mandatory requirements for funeral services?