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Central Highland Funeral Services is a family owned and operated business providing compassionate care and guidance through the funeral process. As caring Funeral Directors, we serve people from all backgrounds, religions, and cultures with professional advice, understanding and genuine support through the difficult time following a loved one’s passing.

Caring And Compassionate Funeral Directors

Located in Emerald, we serve the immediate community and surrounding areas, including Rockhampton, Biloela, Clermont and Blackwater. If you live in one of these areas, we can come to you at home and organise the plans for the funeral. We can also arrange burials in all local cemeteries around these communities.

What We Do

Central Highland Funeral Services provides a range of services. We work with you to arrange everything included in a funeral, burial, cremation, repatriation and otherwise.

The death of a loved one is difficult to bear. Let us help guide you through it with compassionate advice and helpful support. Once we know what you’ve decided to do for the funeral, we’ll go ahead and arrange everything on your behalf. Our goal is to relieve the burden from your shoulders and give you the space to grieve in peace, without having to worry about all the background details.

Our Team

We’re a family team of three who have been running the business for decades. Carl is the manager/funeral director, Karen is our technican and Chris is the funeral assistant and groundskeeper

Our faithful transport driver, Quinton Rogers, has also been part of our team for many years.

As a small family team, we provide the personalised support and service you deserve in tough times. We’re ready to give you compassionate guidance to navigate the complexities of funeral arrangements, burials and cremations.

Standing with You

At Central Highland Funeral Services, we believe in providing a compassionate environment to mourn your loss and celebrate the life of your loved one. Our role in the process is to ease the burden on you by taking care of everything for you. We’re here, and we care.