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Central Highland Funeral Services is ready to guide you through a difficult time for your family and loved ones. When you ask us to work with you, we’ll come and meet you where you are, at home or elsewhere, to discuss what kind of funeral services you would like and any special requests you have.

We’re ready to handle all the little details so you can take care of each other instead. As a dedicated part of the Emerald community, we offer personal service centred around your needs. You decide on your budget and we’ll work around it, including providing services like eulogy preparation, writing funeral notifications and organising funeral plot purchases (including pre-purchases).
Burials and Cremations — Cremation Services in Emerald, QLD

Burials & Cremations

Whatever decision you make, we can help. Cremations are becoming more favoured around much of Australia, but we do understand that it’s not ... Read more
Coffin Carried By Pallbearer — Funeral Services in Emerald, QLD

Pre-paid Funeral Plans

If you’re looking for a way to help reduce the financial stress of your funeral in the future, you may want to consider a pre-paid funeral plan. ... Read more
Coffin In The Back Of Hearse— Funeral Services in Emerald, QLD

Transportation of the Deceased

We provide transportation of the deceased to our facilities or the mortuary without charge when accompanied by other funeral services. Our driver, ... Read more
Mourning At Coffin — Funeral Services in Emerald, QLD

Body Preparation

However the body of the deceased is to be prepared, we can arrange it and fulfil the expectations. Tell us what you want to do as far as ceremonial ... Read more
Coffin With Flowers — Funeral Services in Emerald, QLD

Funeral Articles Purchase

Many of the minor details of the funeral, such as the coffin, urn and flower arrangements, make a big difference to grieving families and friends. We’... Read more
Funeral Ceremony In Church — Funeral Services in Emerald, QLD

Religious, Cultural & Traditional Funerals

Regardless of the religion, culture or traditions of a person, everyone deserves to have their last wishes honoured. In terms of body preparation and ... Read more