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Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

Pre-paid funerals Emerald


If you want to remove the financial burden of funeral costs from your family, we offer pre-paid funeral plans for your peace of mind. You can make monthly payments towards the cost of your funeral arrangements and cover the expenses ahead of time.

Covering All the Funeral Costs

We have different pre-paid funeral plans that might be appropriate for different budget restrictions and final wishes. Our contracts cover all the expenses mentioned in the plan, with a fully paid plan being a binding contract. Your family won’t have to worry about extra payments or financial constraints.

Working with You

This is a deeply personal decision that takes thought and consideration. If you have any questions or concerns, we’d love to sit with you and talk over all the details. We’ll honour your wishes and take care of everything in a respectful manner.

You and your family can take comfort knowing we’ll be ready to fulfil your final wishes when the time comes. We will honour our contract and do everything we’ve promised to do in order to remove the financial burden and stress from your family.