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Burial services Emerald


In the most difficult time, we’ll be here to guide you through it. Burials are hard, but they’re even harder if you don’t know how to settle all the details. Central Highland Funeral Services can make all burial arrangements for you, including transportation and burial plot purchase.

Local Cemetery Burials

We can arrange burials in cemeteries in and around our local area. If you would like to arrange a burial in Emerald, Rockhampton, Biloela, Clermont or Blackwater, we can set it up for you and work out all the details.

We’ve been arranging and fulfilling burials for more than 35 years. With decades of experience, we can take the pressure off family members and loved ones. Once we’ve sat down with family and discussed specific wishes, we’ll organise it all for you.

All Burial Details Arranged

However you would like the burial to happen, we’re ready to arrange it. If you would prefer for the ceremony to take place graveside or if you want a private burial, we’ll follow your instructions.