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A funeral is not only a chance to say farewell to one of your loved ones, but it is also a celebration of their life and achievements. 

The choices you make when planning a funeral with Central Highlands Funeral Services can help make the day a true reflection of the person they were. Based in Emerald, our team will help guide you through the planning process and offer a number of ways to personalise the service. 

You can opt for an alternative type of funeral vehicle, modify the design of the coffin, casket, cremation urn and flower arrangements for the service. 

We’ll be there to assist you at every step of the funeral planning.


Everyone deserves the chance to say goodbye to their loved one

At Central Highlands Funeral Services, we understand the importance of arranging a funeral to help serve as a form of closure for the friends and family of the deceased person. 

We’re committed to providing a meaningful and personalised funeral service for you and your family and friends. When we lose a person we love, giving yourself time to heal is essential to moving forward.

Our personalised funeral service options include:

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Personalised coffins

If you opt for a burial service for your loved one, a coffin will be their final resting place. Designing a coffin to be unique to the person that has passed is a great way of honouring their memory. 

A creative design can reflect their religion, culture or personal interests. Creating a design based on your loved one’s favourite sports team, country of origin or achievements serves as a dedication to their memory. 

It may also help you and their family and friends to heal in the knowledge that they are being laid to rest surrounded by personal items of significance.


Personalised urns​

After a cremation service, a deceased person’s ashes will be placed into an urn, which is a vase-like container available in various designs. 

You can choose to keep your loved one’s ashes at home or scatter them in the location of your choice. 

You may opt to make the urn even more special and create a personalised design. Select from a range of shapes, designs and colours. 

Whether you choose to keep the urn or not, a personalised design is a great way of honouring the person who has passed.

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Personalised service​​ — Funeral directors in Emerald, QLD

Personalised service

A funeral service is an extremely personal occasion, and so our team at Central Highlands Funeral Services is committed to making each one special and unique. 

Before we start working on the funeral arrangements, we will consult with you about you and your loved one’s wishes so we can plan a respectful service for you. 

We can be as involved as much or as little as you want us to be. If you prefer we take on more control or step back from the planning process, we will be available to offer you unwavering support and compassion.

If you need assistance making your loved one’s service as special as they were, we can help. Call us at Central Highlands Funeral Services in Emerald today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are unable to make certain decisions regarding your loved one’s funeral arrangements, then our team will be available to take on certain tasks you need assistance with.

Personalising a funeral means that the service can be anything you want it to be, so the guests can wear whatever you choose.

The price of each funeral will depend on the options you choose, so you can make sure that you are adhering to your budget when you are choosing personalisation options.

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