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When you experience the painful loss of a loved one, it’s essential you stay hydrated and nourished with good food.

At Central Highlands Funeral Services, we aim to help ease the responsibilities of caring for your guests.

Based in Emerald, we offer a selection of food and beverage options to cater to your family and friends on the day of the burial or cremation service. If you or your guests have food intolerances or allergies, we’ll offer a range of alternatives so no one misses out.

For convenience and peace of mind, we also provide a door-to-door delivery and equipment hire at your chosen venue. We service across Emerald as well as Blackwater, Clermont, Biloela and Rockhampton. 

With more than 35 years’ experience, we have extensive knowledge of the local areas and venues. If you need recommendations, we will be happy to help.


Food & Tailored Beverage Options

We offer a range of food and drink options available to you when planning a funeral. No matter what your personal tastes may be, we can help you organise a catering service that meets your needs.

If you would prefer to cater your loved one’s funeral yourself, you are more than welcome to, but we also offer a full professional catering service if desired. 

You can also opt to hire equipment such as cutlery and crockery, order drink packages and add door-to-door delivery to the cost of your funeral service.

Our team at Central Highlands Funeral Services is committed to helping you with whatever you might need, so whether you’re looking to cater for a large or small group at a church venue or at home, we will be on hand to assist you. 

We understand that arranging a catering service while you’re grieving can be difficult and overwhelming, so we’ll do our best to adhere to requests at short notice.

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What should I serve at a funeral?

The food and beverages you choose to serve to your guests depends on the atmosphere you wish to convey. 

For many circumstances, funerals are a sombre occasion and is a time to grieve, reflect and commemorate your loss. 

On these days, we recommend tea and coffee to be offered to your guests. 

Alternatively, some people choose to take the opportunity to celebrate a life well-lived. 

Share fun moments, stories and memories with your guests that you had with the deceased. We provide basic alcohol packages so you can serve your guests beer, wine and spirits. However, we always recommend drinking responsibly.

For more information about our catering options, get in touch with our friendly team at Central Highlands Funeral Services today.


Central Highlands Funeral Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, you can. The choice is completely up to you. We offer a range of food and beverage packages to help make the day as smooth as possible for the bereaved.

After most funeral services, there is usually a wake, in which funeral guests are welcome to share food and drinks. You can choose to serve tea or coffee, or alcohol if you wish. The loss of a loved one can be an emotionally demanding experience, our catering can help remove the stressful task of ensuring there’s enough food and drinks for everyone.

If you have chosen to hire our professional funeral catering service, let us know if you or your guest has a food allergy. We’ll serve a range of alternatives to cater to food intolerances and allergies.

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